Christmas Gift Program

Make Christmas magical for our angels and their family.

When you use our Virtual Christmas Tree to sign up to provide Christmas gifts for an ETAN-sponsored family you'll receive their children's Christmas wish lists along with some simple instructions from our staff.

Only one gift-giver per family, so don't hesitate to sign up today!

If you're unable to provide Christmas gifts this year, you are also welcome to click here to make a donation!

  • Things to remember when choosing/buying for a family:
    • After you choose your family, we will send you their detailed wish list.
      Keep in mind that this is a WISH list.
    • Do not feel obligated to buy all of the items they list, but please make sure to have something for each child in the family.
    • Most of the time, the Angel child has some physical or mental disabilities. This may affect what they ask for on their wish list.
    • There are some large families; remember that you are welcome to choose that family for your business or a group of you to buy for. Keep in mind that all of one family’s gifts need to be delivered to our office together.
    • Gift cards are always accepted and, sometimes, the easiest solution for “hard to buy for” teenagers.
    • All gifts need to be delivered to our office unwrapped (but bagged and labeled for each child) by December 15.