Christmas Gift Program

Help make Christmas magical for our Angels and their family.

When you use our Virtual Christmas Tree to sign up to provide Christmas gifts for an ETAN-sponsored family you'll receive their children's Christmas wish lists along with some simple instructions from our staff.

Only one gift-giver per family, so don't hesitate to sign up today!

If you're unable to provide Christmas gifts this year, you are also welcome to click here to make a donation!

  • Things to remember when choosing/buying for a family:
    • After you choose your family, please give us 48 hours to send you their detailed wish list.
    • Keep in mind that this is a WISH list.
    • Do not feel obligated to buy all the items they list, but we prefer that each child receive a few gifts a piece.
    • Most of the time, the Angel child has some physical or mental disabilities. This may affect what they ask for on their wish list.
    • There are some large families; remember that you are welcome to choose that family for your business or a group of you to buy for. Keep in mind that all of one family’s gifts need to be delivered to our office together.
    • Gift cards are always accepted and, sometimes, the easiest solution for “hard to buy for” teenagers.
    • We included a special notes section to the form for the family to fill out. This section lists any additional needs the family may have. Not every family participated in this part, but make sure to look for it and see if it’s something you are able/interested in helping with.
    • All gifts need to be delivered to our office unwrapped (but bagged and labeled for each child) by December 12th.